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The Experience

If it were not for the clock on the wall, time would not matter as you enjoy the warm sea breeze of Langkawi from the patio of a wooden home. We provide you the perfect space for that great escape from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle. All you need here is a good book, your swimsuit and your sunglasses.

This is an ideal way of enjoying a sunny Malaysian holiday as well as soaking in the Malay culture. Our home is situated strategically minutes away from the island’s Chenang beach as well as other amenities.

The sea breeze makes it easy for you to simply do nothing from dawn to dusk. We encourage you to stay more than a night to truly enjoy your getaway.

Each chalet ideally accomodates two. We do not provide an extra bed. It is wonderfully ventilated with ceiling fans for your comfort but there is also air conditioning.

Initially we started with two chalets but thank you to overwhelming response from friends and relatives, and you our wonderful guests, we have built six new chalets. The new chalets are made up of three new buildings and there is an upstairs and downstairs unit. Upstairs and downstairs units are priced differently, according to the seasons. Each chalet is ideal for a couple.

Each chalet provides the perfect holiday ambience and a romantic setting. The greenery and serenity of Langkawi will surely engulf your senses and take you to different heights of pleasure.

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