A holiday with the ultimate ambience living

Everyone needs a break or a holiday from their daily grind. What makes their holiday a memorable one is not only the destination, sight-seeing or exquisite cuisine they enjoyed. It is also about where they stayed. Panji Panji wants your getaway to be more than just memorable. They want it to be a lifetime experience never forgotten. Ever. The serene ambience, detailed surroundings and greenery of Panji Panji’s homes give you all of that and more. We promote ambience living to the fullest – giving your sights and senses a little more than a tickle.

We have chalets ideal for a couple. Feel free to choose from the upper or lower units. We have also two villa’s or family suits which is suitable for a small family.

All units will ensure that you leave with warm memories and refreshed sights and senses.

Each chalet unit is unique and no two are the same. But rest assured that every unit will give you a little hideaway as they are nestled among the many tropical luscious greens in Panji Panji. Relax on the balcony and enjoy the sounds of nature or curl up with a good book.

The lower units come with a balcony allowing you a perfect chance to be one among the trees and at the same time bask in the serene ambience of Panji Panji. These units provide easy access for those who require flat ground.

This is the ideal choice for those with a small family, or those who just want extra space. The villa has a king sized bed and a sofa bed, a television and a sprawling balcony. Also ideal for longstay guests who want a getaway and yet need to keep in touch with work.


This is not our residential guest but Panji Panji’s cafe, serving specialty coffee using fresh ground beans. Our barista will whip up any beverage to your fancy be it drip coffee, flat white, a latte, or more suited for Langkawi an iced cappuccino. The menu at Smiling Buffalo is a simple fare of breakfast dishes or a dessert of waffles/pancakes to jive with the local tastebuds. Smiling Buffalo is easily a perfect spot to enjoy Langkawi’s sunset or admire the great Mount Cincang.





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