Around Us

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Our home is situated near a fisherman’s pier This gives guests the
opportunity to meet the locals as well as learn more about the fishing
culture. Nothing is too far from our home and we will be more than
happy to guide you to the sights and wonders of this historical and
mythical island. The infamous Pantai Chenang is just minutes away.
There are many things to see and do around the island, and we will be
more than happy to help you find a guide
Everyone needs a break or a holiday from their daily grind. What makes their holiday a memorable one is not only the destination, sight seeing or exquisite cuisine they enjoyed. It is also about where they stayed.
Panji Panji wants your getaway to be more than just memorable. They want it to be a lifetime experience never forgotten. Ever. The serene ambience, detailed surroundings and greenery of Panji Panji’s sea frontage homes give you all of that and more. We promote ambience living to the fullest – giving your sights and senses a little more than a tickle.
We are strategically located just minutes away from Langkawi’s International Airport and from the happening scene of the island’s Chenang Beach. Attractions and activities are also not far from us. The central location of Panji Panji is ideal for guests to experience all Langkawi has to offer.

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته